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"La Galerie Dior", 2024
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Luxury, fashion, and beauty jobs

When talent meets opportunity.

Luxury is masterful design, impeccable craftsmanship, heritage, exclusivity, and the highest level of service. Cerulean is the job matching company made bespoke for this industry. Our public launch, a meticulous undertaking, shall not be rushed–ensuring a service worthy of the most talented candidates and the most discerning employers.

For any inquiries, one may send a private message through our social media channels or a correspondence via electronic mail to luxury@ceruleanjobs.com.

Thank you for your interest in luxury.

—The Cerulean Team

Chopard cerulean necklace. Chopart has 31 open positions.

Jewelry & Horology Jobs

Jobs at Chopard

Chopard, the Swiss manufacturer & retailer of luxury watches, jewellery and accessories, is hiring for 31 open positions around the world.

The open positions include Sales Associate at their beautiful boutique in Singapore's famous ION Orchard mall.

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Painting of cerulean blue oxfords

The Language of Luxury

Footwear Terminology

Even fashion enthusiasts that don't specialize in footwear should know their way around a shoe.

Review 50+ terms from the specialized language used in shoe design & construction.

More: All Footwear Terms

Comparison of Versace and Hermes by Instagram followers and yearly revenue

Luxury Industry Insights

Social Media vs Revenue

Hermès has less than half the followers on Instagram, yet 15x more revenue.

What does this mean for the growth & employment opportunities at each company?

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Public Launch — Fall/Winter 2024

Luxury is the new lingua franca that brings the world together in shared dreams of design, craftsmanship, heritage, and service. The Icons of luxury fashion are the most appreciated objects on earth. For luxury, beauty, & fashion enthusiasts, Cerulean is the recruiting service that matches their talent with curated career opportunities around the world.

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